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[Original photo by Valerie Goldstein]

This is my new personal website, replacing www.genre.freeuk.com (and before that www.genre.fsnet.co.uk, until EE ceased to support Freeserve domains). Most of the old content has been retained, with just a few updates and additions, and I now look forward to filling in the gaps I've [deliberately] created in the new page structure.

If you're looking for specific content, the site map will locate it faster than the navigation buttons! The latter are handy for jumping around the tree of pages; a white name shows where you are at each level, red ones in the same group link across to alternatives. Throughout the site, images with red borders are links which will open in a new tab or window.

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Page changes (latest first)

New! 27-Sep-2020 Elysia - an original spiced liqueur
New! 08-Sep-2020 Emergency Burgers - a quick, tasty recipe
New! 15-Aug-2020 Working Years - my time in employment
New! 05-Aug-2020 Cheap & cheerful face mask - made from a coffee filter
New! 30-Jul-2020 Shed roof repair - with an unusual covering
New! 26-Jul-2020 Coping with Recumbency - easier access to bedside radio/TV
New! 07-Jun-2020 Learning Years - my time at school and university


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