Protein Bomb

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[Protein Bomb]

I find this meal uniquely satisfying at the end of a long day out, perhaps having missed a proper lunch. If the combination of a herb omelette, beans on toast and pilchards sounds bizarre, trust me - it works! What's more, all the ingredients are usually to be found in the kitchen.


Use organic if available - complain if not!

Note: I used to use a small can (213g - a bit too much, actually) of curried beans for this recipe. But, late 2004, my supermarket replaced its own-brand ones with the product of a well-known beanz-maker, which I found too sweet and bland. Now I buy "Whole Earth" organic beans (not curried, but very tasty) and decant a 400g can into three food bags, which keep well for a few days in the fridge.


Place the unopened can of pilchards and container of beans in a small pan, add cold water to cover them completely, and place over a very gentle heat to reach simmering point - 30 minutes or so. Meanwhile, break the eggs into a jug and beat with the herbs and a pinch of salt, then leave for a few minutes for the herbs to rehydrate.

When the water looks slightly agitated, toast the bread and make the omelette (if you're thinking "that omelette wouldn't win any prizes", I respectfully submit that a gooey one would be inappropriate in this meal!). It takes a bit of practice to make the components arrive at the same time, so have a heated plate ready to receive them. Butter the toast, spread the beans, and add the omelette. Finally add the pilchards; be careful opening the hot can! I sometimes leave out some of the tomato sauce if it looks too much.

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