Fruits, seeds & fungi

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Apart from the Blackberries, these are probably poisonous: Holly, and an impressive bunch ripening on a tree in Kent; unfortunately I can't identify it! Then Lords-and-ladies (Cuckoo-pint), and a "necklace" of Black Bryony, both photographed in Essex.

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Nuts & Seed heads

It's very satisfying to stumble upon a good crop of sweet chestnuts, such as these in Warley, Essex (first 2 photos). I do wish I'd planted one to replace the Horse Chestnut tree in my garden, before the latter became too big to argue with - some years it produces enough conkers to fill a dustbin (photo 3). The seed heads belong to Dandelion, Goat's-beard and Traveller's Joy.

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Grasses & Catkins

Photo 1 was taken in Wivenhoe, Essex. Photo 2 is of a panel at Bluewater bus station, nicely decorated by solar back-lighting. The Horsetails in photo 3 were just a few inches tall, but looked like a forest from ground level. Finally, three studies of catkins near Warley, Essex.

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Here are some toadstools and other fungi, which I shan't attempt to identify but are probably poisonous. The final photo is of the rather cute white mould which appears when I keep a jar of tomato paste for too long in the fridge!

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