Wildflower photos

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These photos were taken between 2001 and 2019; I've grouped them according to the time of year.

Early spring

The first plant stood out along a disused lane near my house; I think it's a Hellebore of some sort. Number two is probably Dog's Mercury (as you'll realise, I'm no expert at plant identification). It, and the next 4, were photographed in woodland near Chelsfield, Kent: Lesser Celandine, Violet, Wood Anemone, Wood Sorrel. The last one is Spring Beauty, growing near Benfleet, Essex.

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Late spring

Toothwort (a parasite) and Cowslip were in north Kent. I dubbed the Orchid, seen in a field at Langdon Hills, Essex, "Emoticon Flower" after the patterns on its petals (8<). The Dog Rose and Honeysuckle were also in Essex.

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Early summer

These are Vetch (Kent), Foxgloves (Essex), Comfrey (West London, on a canal towpath), Viper's Bugloss and Poppies (Kent), and Teasel (Essex).

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Late summer

Ragwort (Kent), Rosebay Willow-herb (Essex), Orange Balsam (Harefield Place, Middlesex), Wood Spurge? (Kent), Bellflower (Nettle-leaved?, Kent), Toadflax (Essex).

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