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Blackbird and robin photos are two a penny, so I've chosen just a token one of each. The same could be said about collared doves, but I like this one's attitude! The sparrowhawk is an occasional visitor to my garden - I have better photos but they're a bit gory. The slightly damaged old Brahma cockerel was a surprise encounter at the end of a local country lane, and the green woodpecker wandered daringly close to my house as it foraged in the melting snow.

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For some reason, coot chicks conjure up a picture in my mind of Noddy Holder in his heyday - I'll spare you the image I made of one wearing a top hat though! The swan family were on a lake near Dartford, the ones taking flight were in Harrow Lodge Park, Hornchurch. Grey herons regularly visit the pond on Shenfield Common (Brentwood), where they blithely ignore the wonky old no fishing notice.

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The "Gullarray" was encountered on London's Isle of Dogs. The Battle of the Cockles played out on the north bank of the Thames in central London - the crow won. The little stints were keeping their noses warm on a cold January day at Leigh-on-sea.

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