Insect photos
(including spiders)

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Bees & Wasps

The first two photos (of lavender) were taken in my garden in July 2019. The next 3 were at a patch of wasteland (not my garden) in Cranham early in August 2016. The giant wasp was on a window ledge in my house, late April 2001; I think it was a queen looking for somewhere to nest.

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Photos 1-4 were taken along the banks of the Grand Union Canal near Uxbridge, late June 2003. Number 2 shows the male Common Blue's charming habit of grabbing his mate by the neck. The last 2 Banded Agrions (Agria?) were seen near Witham in June 2017.

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Other insects

"Ladybird on a Teasel" was seen near Dartford Heath, June 2003. "Balancing Act" was near Shoreham (Kent), July 2004. The Bush-cricket (rotated 90°) was climbing up a curtain, in August 2001. The Pondskater skated at Harefield Place, September 2001. The large fly (maybe a scorpion-fly?) was at Langdon Hills, late May 2003. The sawfly larvae were eating silver birch leaves in my garden, September 2005.

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The Garden Spider is building its web in my garden in September 2006; I've cheated with the finished product, which is one it (or more likely its ancestor) made earlier - in July 2004. The spiderlings were photographed near Wivenhoe, June 2010.

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