Butterflies & moths

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First up, some brightly-coloured butterflies - Peacock, Red Admiral, Comma, Holly Blue, Gatekeeper and Small Tortoiseshell.

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Next, some more subtle specimens. The Brimstone's sulphur-yellow wings in flight have so far eluded my camera, but their leaf-like underside is just as impressive. I think the second photo is of a Ringlet. The last 3 are Speckled Woods, from various angles.

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These were all photographed in 10 minutes, on a hillside near Shoreham (Kent) in August 2004. I believe they include Common, Chalkhill and Adonis Blues.

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The first 3 were one-off visitors to my garden; Oak Eggar, Poplar Hawk and Large White Plume. At first I tried to brush the Poplar Hawk off a plant stem, thinking it was a dead leaf - but this "leaf" was warm and furry! Once on my finger it wouldn't budge, so it was quite a challenge to go indoors and take a photo, literally single-handed. The Herald (photo 4) had evidently taken a liking to some wallpaper with small orange spots. The Cinnabar and Angle Shades were seen in Wivenhoe, Essex.

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