Pro-environment demos 2004-7

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Here's the second selection of my environmental demo pics from the "noughties".

15 May 2004

This long march against "Bush taking us the way the dinosaurs went" started out from Leatherhead (Exxon HQ). I joined them on the last leg, from Imperial War Museum Park to the US Embassy. Speakers included Green Party MEP Caroline Lucas, ex-Environment Minister Michael Meacher, and Liana Stupples from Friends of the Earth.

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4 November 2004

The re-election of US President Bush was marked by an evening "Global Funeral March", along the now familiar route from Lincoln's Inn Fields to Grosvenor Square. I particularly like the policeman, in the final photo, apparently guarding a child asleep on the Rinky Dink :)

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3 December 2005

The London Climate March became an annual event, part of the International Day of Climate Protest. This one included a picket at Exxon's offices in Aldwych, and the handing-in of a letter at Downing Street. I also took lots of photos of the speakers at Grosvenor Square, but there isn't room for them on this page!

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8 December 2007

The theme of this year's March was to urge the government to pass a strong Climate Bill. Protesters also objected to Heathrow airport expansion (an ongoing issue) and the continuing antics of the oil industry (hence the Esso-inspired tigers again). Residents of Essex, such as Yours Truly, faced the spectre of more noise and pollution from the M25 motorway; this subsequently happened, and will get even worse when a new Thames crossing is built.

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