Anti-war demos 2003-7

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Here's the second selection of my photos of peace marches in London, in the early "noughties".

27 September 2003

Another march from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square, organised by STWC, CND and Muslim Association of Britain (MAB). I confess to editing the first photo, as one of the placards was showing the wrong letter!

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20 November 2003

This was one of several protests against George W Bush's state visit. We marched via Westminster and Whitehall to the customary Trafalgar Square rally. By 17:25 the light was seriously fading, but I got a couple of (noisy) shots of the distant toppling of a statue. Fascinating fact: the rainbow peace flag has the colours in reverse order to that adopted by celebrants of sexual diversity.

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20 March 2004

Timed for the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, and straplined "No More Lies", this one featured some exceptionally clever street theatre. The hands [meant to be] pointing at the missile are labelled Mr Blair, we've found the WMD!!! You and Bush had them all along!

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19 March 2005

The themes of this march were "Bring the Troops Home" and "No more Bush wars". Needless to say, the American Embassy, in Grosvenor Square, was very closely guarded!

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18 March 2006

On this occasion, "Don't attack Iran" was added to the "Troops Home" slogan. 100,000 spots of blood in Parliament Square symbolised the estimated lives lost in Iraq. Brian Eno was one of several Trafalgar Square speakers whom I photographed.

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24 February 2007

This one, subtitled "No Trident Replacement", was the last I attended, due to family commitments. The peace movement continues apace, arguably needed more now than ever before. I hope to turn up again with placard and camera one day!

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