Anti-war demos 2001-3

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Following the "9/11" terrorist atrocities in America, a number of peace marches took place in London. The focus was against military action in Afghanistan and Iraq. Here's a selection of my photos.

13 October 2001

This march, from Hyde Park to Trafalgar Square, was called by CND, and took place on the International Day of Protest to Stop the Militarisation of Space ("Star Wars").

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18 November 2001

We did it all again a month later! These photos include Caroline Lucas speaking at Hyde Park, and Tony Benn at the rally in Trafalgar Square.

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2 & 30 March 2002

These demonstrations were organised by, respectively, CND and Stop the War Coalition (STWC). The first three photos were inspired by the light and composition; I can't identify any of the subjects (other than the hungry lion), but I hope they don't mind being featured!

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28 September 2002

This march, themed "Don't Attack Iraq", went from the Embankment to Hyde Park. A suggested caption for Shane Collins at the Green Party food stall was Greens make tea not war.

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31 October 2002

There was a very special atmosphere at the "Halloween Demo" in Parliament Square. Tony Benn and Jeremy Corbyn were among the speakers. And the Cavalry (police on horses) literally made a dazzling display.

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15 February, 22 March & 12 April 2003

The Mother of all Peace Demos, with 1 million plus on the streets, took place on 15 February. Unfortunately I couldn't take many photos, as I spent most of the time supporting a banner (the one in photo 1). Subsequent protests included floral tributes to the war dead at Downing Street, and yet another rally in Hyde Park.

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