Great British Beer Festival 1997

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I was a staff volunteer at CAMRA's Great British Beer Festival 1997 (London Olympia), doing a couple of electrical jobs but mainly working as a steward. My enduring memory is of one evening when I was posted at the entrance to the ladies' toilet on one side of the hall, to advise would-be users that it was shut. And that the nearest available one was on the other side of the hall - just find your way through the seething multitude, and join the queue. I didn't make many friends that evening...

On Friday 8 August (an off-duty day) I took some photos from the Grand Hall balcony. The camera was a 35mm Nikon FM, loaded with Fuji HG200 negative film.

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The evening entertainment was provided by Steeleye Span, whose line-up I believe was (l-r on stage): Bob Johnson (guitar, vocals), Gay Woods (vocals), Liam Genockey (drums), Maddy Prior (vocals), Tim Harries (bass, piano, vocals), Peter Knight (fiddle, vocals).

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